An Act of God at The Vaults, Waterloo: Press Night review by Stephen Vowles

David Javerbaum, winner of 11 Emmy Awards for his writing of TV’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, was the first person to convert a Twitter account into a Broadway smash hit – and he has now tailored his comic play to feature bespoke material for a British audience. 

David continues to run the controversial Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod, through which God shares his thoughts on world events with over six million followers. This is wonderfully funny satire at the highest level with Zoe Lyons playing God as a self deprecating lesbian, completely OTT. Supported by Matt Tedford as Archangel Michael and Tom Bowen as Archangel Gabriel, the Old Testament is ripped to pieces as Lyons explains why she did certain things and that she feels that the current Ten Commandments have served their purpose. She issues new ones and that is the theme of this 80 minute attack on the power of religion and theology. The three actors latch on to every gag including fabulous sight gags that just added to the way the whole show just zipped along. 

Directed by Benji Sperring, who got the pace of the play so right, allowing for an immersive connection with the audience that at times was so apt. Javerbaum also put a serious spin on the play as he brings up abortion versus pro-life and how such important issues can descend into absurdity. He looks at the hypocrisy of religion and this is where Lyons shines. This is now her one woman show and the section where she lampoons the power of celebrity is both witty and very cutting. The script is packed with anecdotes and thought-provoking comment. Some would think this sacrilegious and the risk of being offended does run high. 

At the heart of An Act of God is well written, observant comedy with pathos that evokes the current state of the world and if the opinions that Javerbaum presents are not to your liking then use Twitter to tell him, he would love that I’m sure!

Photos by Geraint Lewis


An Act of God runs to Sunday 12th January at The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo, London SE1 7NN. Box office: 0844  815 7141

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