Addicted to summer: New swimwear from ADDICTED is arriving at Clonezone stores

New swimwear from ADDICTED is arriving at Clonezone stores and there’s some exceptionally sexy looking gear as Clonezone’s PR & Brand Manager Topher Taylor reveals.

Summer is coming – hurry up 21 June 21! – and we are planning our holidays. With this in mind, we are super-excited about the arrival of new swimwear from ADDICTED at Clonezone. Available in sizes 28 inches through to 36, the bold new range is super comfortable and each piece has been tailored to boost both your bulge and your behind.

We know that coming out of the water can be a bit awkward when it comes to your willy, so ADDICTED developed the ‘pack up’ system which is a thin foam-like pouch which gives a simple bulge whilst not allowing admiring eyes to see ‘everything’ underneath. A little mystery never does anyone any harm, darling.

I know the stock photography is on a bronzed, hairless muscle guy (again) but it’s important to take the designs into consideration when looking at ADDICTED. These pieces have been tailored to fit all body types comfortably, resting low on the hips and supporting your ASSets.

There is also the introduction of ‘SWIMDERWEAR’ which are sexy briefs that comfortably double as underwear and swimwear. Most swimwear is made from a thicker fabric, where these are light and very breathable – therefore you can comfortably wear them underneath clothes all day.

If you want to avoid muffin top, go for a SHORTS style.

If you want a boosted derriere and/or bulge, go for the SWIM BRIEF style.

If you want something versatile, go for the SWIMDERWEAR style.

If you want something that looks designer, go for the ANCHORS or PLANTS styles.

The entire ADDICTED range is now available at and in-store.
Use ‘TOPHER’ for 10% OFF online.

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