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XXL Bear Pride at Pulse: Saturday 27th May

XXL Bear Pride at Pulse: Saturday 27th May

Last weekend London was packed with more bears than Jellystone Park or the Wonderland Zoo combined as XXL Bear Pride took over the capital.

There were sizzling events on every night across town and we made it down to the centrepiece at Pulse on Saturday. The furry fun kicked off with amazing performances by Myra DuBois, Miss Peppermint and Sherry Vine along with a group of hot dancers. The whole of Pulse was packed and in the main room we danced to Paul Morrell, Alex Logan and guest DJ Moto Blanco, while in that funky Fur Lounge we could be seen shaking a tail feather to David Robson and Joe Egg. We stayed until the sun had been up for hours and we had a seriously large amount of fun.

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