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New London lockdown uncertainty means Boyz will return for its new issue on Tuesday 27th October with its November edition

The threat of a lockdown in London and the regrettable reversal of Government moves to open the economy with its new draconian 10pm curfew on our venues has forced Boyz to reconsider our publication day for our next edition. Boyz will return for its new issue on Tuesday 27th October with its Halloween Special and November edition.

We want to make sure that readers get to see the physical print magazine – avoiding the disturbance to our distribution which happened when the last lockdown was imposed so suddenly in March. 

We have therefore decided, with regret, to move our new issue publication day to Tuesday 27th October.

We are now planning our first issue to be our November edition which will also be our Halloween Special.

If you run a gay venue, shop or other business and would like to take this opportunity to inform the Boyz readership that you too are back in business, please contact our sales team, by calling Stephen Vowles on 07561 836581 or email

If you call us now we can pencil in editorial features and photos for you in this new November issue of Boyz.

Advertising artwork will need to be with us by Wednesday 21st October.

We are sorry for this delay but we hope you understand that the uncertainty and topsy-turvy approach of the Government’s decision-making is creating a hugely challenging environment for all magazine publishers as well as for the hard-working LGBT+ venues and businesses in London and across the UK.

We want to make sure Boyz bounces back with confidence and certainty. 

The whole Boyz team look forward to you reading the new November Halloween issue later next month.

Thank you for your support.

David Bridle

Managing Editor, Boyz 

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