Shopping: PUMP! it up at Clonezone

PUMP! is one of the most popular underwear brands amongst gay guys and now it’s joined the Clonezone family of stores, as Clonezone’s PR & Brand manager Topher Taylor explains.

We are so excited to announce that PUMP! Underwear has joined the Clonezone family. This well-known undie brand is known for their iconic waistband, bulge-boosting pouches and bright colourways – to match your tastes, colour scheme or just to pop on your Instagram timeline. 

The brand prides itself on choosing fabric carefully. No awkward itching or sweaty bollocks when you’re repping PUMP! at the gym or during a day at the office. The fabric used in these styles feels good against your intimate skin, regardless if you’ve been shaving yourself bald downstairs or have left nature to do its thing.

Developed and designed in Canada, then manufactured in Europe, the quality of PUMP! is instantly evident from just looking at the styles. It’s when you touch the material that you really understand the hype, as they’re beautifully soft and tailored to perfection. 

Available in sizes small through to extra large, the PUMP! range at Clonezone will include briefs, boxers, jockstraps and bottomless styles to appeal to all guys – whatever your vibe may be. We are well aware that people come to us when they want something special to wear, so we haven’t gone for ‘safe’ colours. The range is available in vibrant blues, neons, orange, pink, aqua and PUMP!’s signature vibrant red. 

Now… the imagery. I know. I know. It’s lots of athletic looking guys with ripped abs… again. There isn’t too much I can do about that at the moment but I would like to take this opportunity to encourage YOU to send me pictures of you repping PUMP! from Clonezone. Why? Because it will encourage others to do the same. If you do follow our social media channels (hint, hint), you’ll see that we do encourage our customers to send us pictures in our gear. And why, again? Because it gets a little bit boring staring at underwear models all the time. It’s important for our customers with hairy tummies, muffin tops, very narrow frames, different skin stones and stretch marks to see how the styles will look on them. 

We’ve just set up our own photo studio in the Clonezone offices, so very soon, I’ll be inviting YOU (yes, you) to pop in and show off your body. Watch this space, and by this space I mean watch our social media channels for the invitations. 

PUMP! Underwear is available online at and in Clonezone Manchester and Clonezone Birmingham. If you want help picking a style that’s right for your body type, shoot me an email at or tweet me @HelloIAmTopher.

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