The Ginger Snapped with Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales: Press night review by Stephen Vowles 

It is abundantly clear why Jerick Hoffer won the 5th season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. He is an exceptional talent and his creation – or his alter ego Jinkx Monsoon – has become an intimate and trusted friend to him. With fabulous pianist and composer buddy Major Scales, the new show A Ginger Snapped is a 100 minute plus assault on your senses, your morals and on how selfish people can be to each other for no other than reason than self gain.

Scales is also Monsoon’s warm up, a provider of information and there to explain the mental state Jinkx may be in. We are asked to be prepared for anything – an aggressive Jinkx or a passive Jinkx – but as soon as her stage entrance is made the whistles and cheers are solid, passionate and respectful. The audience have come to be entertained by a firecracker, whirlwind of an entertainer who knows how to work a room. 

She belts out the numbers like Ethel Merman, slips into Bette Davis to adopt a wonderful speaking voice, and then finally into Liza Minnelli as the level of ‘crazy’ gets ramped up. The premise of the show is to debate and discuss Jinkx’s mental health which is clearly off-kilter due to the effect other characters, namely Bianca Del Rio, have had on her.

This all makes for burlesque inspired comedy that proves that this lady is on a mission. Monsoon’s vocal range is magnificent and when entering into the world of a tortured torch singer especially with a song called “I’m Just Me” has the ability to create an atmosphere where you can hear a pin drop.

A sensational songbird and gifted comedienne supported by a gentlemen that just gets her level of fierceness. Stunning and very memorable.


The Ginger Snapped with Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales runs to Saturday 23rd March, Main Room, Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7BX. Box Office: 020 7734 2222

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