Sodom: Review by Jack Cline

A stripped-back British drama set in Berlin, this film traces an encounter between two strangers that has the potential to develop into something meaningful. It opens as Michael (Jo Weil) discovers Will (Pop Brignall) handcuffed naked to a lamppost outside his flat. Will is on his stag weekend and, after Michael rescues him, is clearly intrigued. Indeed, sparks fly, and after sex they begin talking and challenging each other to get over their hang-ups and live more honestly.

The film is gorgeously shot, which makes the most of the contained story of two men in an apartment. Both actors are excellent, bringing an offhanded earthiness to the roles that makes them smart, witty and very sexy. And while their encounter is very hot, it’s the deeper issues that draw us into the story: the emotional pain, casual bravado and especially the darkly soulful connection these men make with each other. It’s a delicate balance that filmmaker Mark Wilshin achieves skilfully. And it’s the kind of film that lingers a lot longer than a random shag.

Sodom is out now on DVD/VOD from TLA Releasing.

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