XXL ‘IT’ Halloween party at Pulse this Saturday

This weekend the team at XXL hosts their Halloween special themed around the film IT, which features the scary clown Pennywise, so we asked some of the XXL DJs and owner Mark Ames what scares them the most…

Gary from Hoxton Whores

Well funnily enough clowns have always given me the jitters, must been when i was a wee pup and being chased by one for having a slash against the big top at our local circus, so this Saturday should be very interesting…

Mark Ames 

There’ll be a nightmare on 10 Downing Street if Boris becomes PM.

Paul Morrell 

I am belonephobic (fear of needles), which is absolutely ridiculous as I am covered in tattoos. Ever since I can remember, if I have had to go to the doctors for anything, from a blood test to a vaccination, I usually wake up on the floor having passed out. Apparently this is more common that people think, however it can be really embarrassing from time to time. It even led to me breaking my nose in secondary school, landing face first on the playground after my BCG vaccination.

Joe Egg 

Two things terrify me in equal measure: 1) The eternal empty black nothingness of death that awaits each and every one of us with a cold and stony certainty. And 2) Sweetcorn.

David Robson

What am am I most scared of? I suppose death. It’s the great unknown: what happens to us? Is there a heaven or hell? It genuinely terrifies me not knowing what’s on the other side. Maybe there’s nothing at all and that’s even more scary! Oh, and rats. I don’t like rats. They really freak me out.

XXL is at Pulse 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, London SE1 9UF.

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