XXL Easter Humper: Get ready for Eggs Eggs L!

Never ones to disappoint, XXL serves up an Easter of mammoth proportions this Saturday night. Cabaret superstar Myra DuBois hits the stage for a full-on show packed with hilarity and hot dancers, plus special guest DJs the Hoxton Whores will be exclusively dropping at least four of their latest tracks. Here we speak with Myra and one half of the Whores, Gary Dedman, to find out more.

The Hoxton Whores

Hi Gary, how’s this year been for you guys so far? What have you been up to?

So far this year has been amazing for us. We have been flat out in the studio and very busy with the Whorehouse label signing some amazing tracks for the year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Do you have any new projects you can share with us? Will you be playing new material at XXL Easter, for example?

Yes! And we’re dying to play them there. XXL is personally my favourite place to road test tracks and we have at least four we will be dropping throughout the night.

You’ve played at XXL several times before – what do you love about the venue and crowd?

We have done quite a few XXLs now and Pulse to me is one of the best in London. I really do look forward to playing there and spend a good few weeks in advance selecting the best music we can find. I love the crowd at XXL – it feels like one big family, and that combined with the venue, the light and the sound system makes it a very special place.

Myra Dubois

Hello Myra, what can you tell us about your performance at XXL for Easter? How will this be different from your other XXL performances?

I’ve got bloody dancers haven’t I! Pardon me for running around the kitchen in a circle urinating, but that’s how excited I am. You’re getting full song and dance routines from me, Myra DuBois, and my new backing dancers. It will be fab!

Are you fond of bears, Myra? 

Oh I’m quite the enthusiastic bear-watcher, yes. I have been accused of being a chubby chaser before now but, like I said at the time: you can’t chase what can’t run.

And what does Easter mean to you? Is it a deeply spiritual time when you think about your family and loved ones?

Money. We in the entertainment biz love a bank holiday.

XXL Easter Humper is at Pulse this Saturday 15th April, 1 Invicta Plaza, Blackfriars Bridge Road, London, SE1 9UF.

Entry is £10 for members or £15 for guests

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